Pyro’s Fire Fresh Pizza | Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Pyro's Fire Fresh Pizza

Pyro’s Fire Fresh Pizza opened their first Alabama location here in Tuscaloosa two weekends ago. According to their website, they have four other locations in Tennessee (two of which are in Memphis). They are working on a second Alabama location in Opelika

Pyro's Menu

The best way I know how to explain Pyro’s is a “Chipotle” style pizza/salad restaurant. You go down a line and pick all of your toppings for your pizza and then they bake it and bring it to your table once it’s ready. All of the employees were so nice and did not make you feel rushed at all. I sometimes have a hard time making decisions especially when there are a million choices in front of me.     

Pyro's Pizza 1

I ended up ordering a pizza with olive oil, mozzarella, roasted chicken, tomatoes, roasted red onions, grilled zucchini, fire-roasted peppers and topped with parmesan after its was baked.  

Pyro's Pizza 2

Pyro's Drink Station

Above is their “Hydration Station”. They have coffee, local craft beers, wine, etc. I totally missed this and ordered a soda when I ordered my pizza or I would have tried out one of their specialty coffees.

Pyro's Pyroccino Samples

Lucky for me, they were going table to table with samples of their Pyrocinnos! It was delicious. I will be getting one for sure next time we go. 

Below, is a screenshot I took of their website. This makes me like them even more!

Pyro's Values

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