Health and Fitness Lover Gift Guide

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it’s time to get ready for Christmas! Every year my game plan is to have all of my Christmas shopping completed by Thanksgiving. I always get a good start then before I know it December is here and I’ve only bought half my shopping list. So far it looks like that will be the same again this year. Sometimes I just can’t figure out what to get for some people on my to buy for list. While perusing for gifts, I’ve collected and put together some ideas. First up, I’m sharing my gift guide for the lady health and fitness lovers in your life.    

Gift Guide - health & fitness

1. leggings | 2. hair ties | 3. gym bag | 4. Cool Azul™ Sports Gel | 5. fitness emergency kit | 6. water bottle | 7. sweatshirt
8. food container | 9. yoga mat | 10. socks

1) Leggings » I am obsessed with Fabletics leggings. So far, I have several pairs of the High-Waisted Legging and a pair of the High-Waisted 7/8. Most of their leggings you can choose your inseam (short, regular and tall). I wear the short 25″ inseam. Usually, leggings bunch up around my ankles and so, I was very excited about the inseam options! Don’t let the fact that you have to sign up for the monthly subscription in order to receive the discounted “VIP” prices deter you. Fabletics notifies you by email when it is time to choose your outfit and if you would rather skip the month, it is easy and straightforward to do so. Reward points are earned on purchases that can be used in the reward shop for leggings, sports bras, tops, water bottles, etc. 

2) Hair Ties » These make great stocking stuffers. I am always losing or giving mine away and as a result, I’m always in need of more. Teleties resembles old-timey phone cords. (I cannot believe I just said that.) Surprisingly, they do not hurt or pull your hair but, they do stay in place which is great for exercising.    

3) Gym Bag » I go to the gym after work and so I always pack my workout clothes in my gym bag to take to work. The larger the bag the more unneeded crap I pack and so this bag is the perfect size to hold your workout clothes, shoes and other needed necessities for the gym.   

4) Cool Azul™ Sports Gel » This plant-based formula provides a cooling sensation which is perfect to use after the gym. This one is on my wishlist. Currently, I use Panaway, a blend of Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Clove, Peppermint essential oils.     

5) Fitness Emergency Kit » Pinch Provisions make useful emergency kits that are tiny and will easily fit into your purse, gym bag or car console. The Fitness Emergency Kit comes with a headband, safety pin, mini dry shampoo, hair tie, lip balm, adhesive bandages, blister balm, bobby pins, emergency socks, breath drops, deodorant towelettes, folding brush/comb, pain reliever, earbuds and a tampon.

6) Water Bottle » In my opinion, a water bottle is required to have a pop-up or twist open lid. I’ve dropped lids on the treadmill way too many times to count. This water bottle is cute and has a pop-up straw which is good because no lids will be flying through the air and hitting innocent bystanders.

7) Sweatshirt/Pullover » With the weather finally getting cold in Alabama, a sweatshirt or pullover is a must for getting to and from the gym.  

8) Food Storage Containers » This food storage container is perfect for packing healthy lunches for work or school. Packing your lunch for work helps you to eat healthier and save money. 

9) Yoga Mat » Yoga mats are good for all kinds of exercises, not just yoga. This mat is super cute! 

10) No-show socks » These are my favorite kind of socks. These neutral colored ones are great to wear with tennis shoes and can also be worn with other shoes you don’t want them to show.   


Do you still have Christmas shopping left to do or are you ahead of the game like I wish I was? Do you have any suggestions for health and fitness gifts?

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