Birmingham Food Scene


While Birmingham still has its culinary roots deep in the South, the variety of the city’s restaurant scene is on the rise. New and old restaurants alike are making the switch to fresh, locally-sourced foods and bringing a whole new meaning to “eating out.” The entire experience has taken a turn for the epicurean, and the recent change beckons visitors from near and far.

If you’re of the camp that loves to kill two birds with one stone, then the next time you are in town for a friend’s wedding, make an effort to eat your way through Bham’s restaurant scene with whatever time you have. Because it would be a crime to visit the city and not take advantage of its flavors, Borrowed & Blue, the online resource for Birmingham weddings, teamed up with local taste expert Brittany Ray to give you the insider scoop on where to make the most of Birmingham’s food scene during your weekend in the city.

FLIP Burger milkshakes

Photo Courtesy of FLIP Burger

The best restaurant for foodies: FLIP Burger. Top Chef winner, Richard Blais’ FLIP Burger is fast casual restaurant at its best (and most fun!). Their unique ingredients turn ordinary dishes into not so ordinary masterpieces. Think delicacies like pomegranate ketchup and Krispy Kreme milkshakes. What’s better is that their menu reflects the seasons and holidays. For example? St. Patrick’s Day was complete with an order of their Corned Beef Burger and Lucky Charms milkshake.  

Flip Burger

Photo Courtesy of FLIP Burger

The best place to brunch: Big Bad Breakfast. Consider this one of the best starts to your morning in the entire city. They make all of their breakfast meats here in Alabama, from in-state grown pork and chicken. And that’s not all they create from scratch—they also make their own jellies, granola, sauces, and fresh squeezed orange juice.  

big bad breakfast

The best place for a group: Jim ‘N Nicks. Even with locations in multiple cities and states, Jim ‘N Nicks resists the chain restaurant feel. This is where you’ll really feel Birmingham’s Southern roots. When you add great food to incredible service and a private room in the back that perfectly strikes the balance between spaciousness and intimacy, you can’t lose.

Long story short? Don’t let your guests come to Birmingham without indulging in the wealth of gourmet tastes that the city offers. For even more ideas, check out Borrowed & Blue’s list of the top restaurants to try in Birmingham.

by: Stephanie DeVaux with Borrowed & Blue