Quick Trip to See the Atlanta Braves | 6.11.16

If you noticed from the title of this post, I am playing a bit of catch up. Almost six months ago Trey and I went to a Braves game in Atlanta with a group of our friends. It was a quick day trip so we all drove over together for the game. Girls in one car, guys in the other!

ATL Braves Game-2

I am not a huge baseball fan but I cannot pass up going to a game. I love everything about seeing a game in person. Just look at that view! Gorgeous! This was the last season for Turner Field so not sure what the view will look like at the new field.

ATL Braves Game-3

ATL Braves Game-4

On a side note, living in Tuscaloosa does have its perks. Cities like Nashville and Atlanta are only a few hours drive away. Not to mention, the beach is also nearby. I need to start taking advantage of this and go on more weekend trips!  

After the game we went to The Varsity for dinner before driving back. It was a long day but totally worth it!